Edwards and Sons gives companies more than a lift with added products

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Pleasanton, Calif.—Founded in 1987 by Kelly and Nancy Edwards and known primarily as a resource for Rotary lifts, Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment Inc. has expanded its products and services to include Hofmann, Graco, Lista, and Champion.

“We’re not just lifts anymore. We offer a complete line of equipment, project management, service, inspection, and repair,” said Kerry Edwards, owner and Kelly and Nancy Edwards youngest of 3 sons.

“As a Hofmann factory representative, we sell and service their complete line of mounting, balancing, brake lathes, and alignment equipment,” Edwards said, adding that the latest Hofmann Image Wheel Aligner solved problems common with earlier electronic alignment equipment.

“The newest systems are camera based rather than laser,” he said. “The target no longer has electronics, it is just a target. This makes targets lighter, easier to install on the wheel, and much less fragile.”

The camera sees the shape of the target’s circles and from one shot can calculate settings, Edwards said, adding that by turning the steering wheel once to the left and right the “intuitive measurement system” will check caster, toe, and maximum steering angle.

“The procedure has changed as well. You just roll the car back and forth eight inches. You don’t have to raise and lower the vehicle any longer. Alignments can be done in just a few minutes with the new system. I was surprised how fast alignments can be done on the Hofmann rack.”

Edwards said that a pre-inspection of the ball joints, tie-rod ends, control arms, and struts was more important than ever.

“If you just put it on the machine and whip out the alignment, you could be missing sales,” he said. “When doing alignments, there is always the potential of finding worn components that can build a sale.”

Edwards said the Hofmann diagnostic balancer represented another advance for tire, wheel, and alignment shops. “Hofmann’s Geodyna line of balancers can find a bent rim or a bad tire before it ever goes on the car. It will find a problem before your customer does,” he said.

“We sell, install, and service Rotary lifts, Harvey Exhaust Systems, Lista Cabinets, Graco Reel Systems, and Champion Compressors. The additions to our equipment line have given us the ability to equip an entire shop.”

He said Edwards and Sons can design, engineer, provide the equipment, and do the installation. He said the shop also provides equipment service and repair to keep things working for the long haul.

“We are the dedicated service depot for the equipment we sell,” he said. “With our inspection agreement we will continue to inspect, service, and certify lifts and equipment. Our staff will make sure the equipment is operating correctly and safely well after the install is complete.”

Edwards said he works closely with Hohbach and Lewin, an engineering firm in San Francisco. “I have been doing this for a long time but working with the engineers from Hohbach and Lewin makes sure we get it right.

“Project design and management is new for us in the last two years. We did Borelli Motorsport at Club Autosport in San Jose and we just finished City Toyota in Daly City.” He said they handled the complete City Toyota project from design to install, lifts, reel systems, custom cabinets, and exhaust.

“Tesla Motors is our largest client; we handle all of the lift needs at Tesla facilities across the nation,” said Operations Manager Michelle Edwards, Kerry Edwards’ wife.

“Lift inspections are very important to our business and often overlooked by shop owners,” she said. “OSHA requires annual inspections and re-certification. Companies should not overlook the safe operation of their equipment. We have a full-time lift inspector, Richard Florez, main role is to keep our customer’s lifts in safe operating order.”

Kerry Edwards said the two-post lift is “probably the most used piece of equipment in any shop. Cables, arm locks, hydraulic lines, and power units all need regular inspection and service.” He said that without proper maintenance and regular inspections, a lift can be dangerous, and it was not worth the risk.

“With our product expansion, we have added more employees and trucks to serve our growing client list,” Kerry Edwards said. “We don’t want to get so big that we can’t stay involved as the owners. Customers want to talk to the owner, and I do my best to make myself available. Our customers are very important, and I never want to get so big that it affects our customer relations.”

“When doing alignments, there is always the potential of finding worn components that can build a sale.”



Michelle and Kerry Edwards; Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment

The owners of Edwards and Sons, Michelle and Kerry Edwards, have expanded their products and services to include design, engineering, equipment sales, installation, service, and repair.


Edwards and Sons Auto Equipment

Service Technician Kevin Dixon is Graco factory-certified and an expert in reel system maintenance, repair, and installation, Co-owner Kerry Edwards says.


Dan Mendoza; Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment

Edwards Service Technician Dan Mendoza is a Rotary-authorized installer and Hofmann-certified technician. Co-owner Kerry Edwards says they not only sell the equipment but provide factory service and repair as well.




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