Why Project Management is Essential for Automotive Shops

Posted By: MichelleEdwards | Posted on July 15, 2020

The design, layout, and organization of an automotive shop are vital to its success. Shops should always be set up in a way that offers functionality, safe and ergonomic working conditions, and of course, maximizes productivity.

This is all logical, but it can be difficult to implement without careful planning. That’s where having an expert project management team comes in.

The Benefits of Project Management

Effective planning of your automotive shop allows you to have a business that’s designed with long-term efficiency and profitability in mind. Understanding both your current and future needs is crucial for designing an ideal facility. You may decide to offer other services in the future, or the passage of new laws may require you to add additional equipment or revise your current operations.

Why Project Management Is Essential For Automotive Shops

An adept project management team knows how to accommodate your current needs while keeping an eye to the future; they specialize in seeing the big picture. They also understand how to maximize the physical constraints of your shop without creating hazards or cramped conditions.

Careful planning and attention to detail can also prevent mistakes that could hinder your shop’s efficiency. Factors like the type of lighting you have, overhead clearance, door size, and even building finishes can all make a large difference in the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, as well as technician safety and productivity. Additionally, a well-planned design early on will ensure that your project comes in on (or under) budget.

A well-designed shop will also help with employee retention. Technicians working in cramped, uncomfortable, or poorly equipped conditions are likely to become frustrated. They should have the ability to complete their tasks easily, without needing to figure out a way around design problems. The happier your employees are overall, the better their overall attitudes will be – which will in turn trickle down to the quality of your customer service.

Choose a Skilled Project Management Team for Your Project

Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. has extensive experience in automotive shop project management. We’ll help you design a state of the art shop that will maximize safety, efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction. We work closely with design teams, engineers, building and permit departments, and equipment manufacturers to ensure your shop fully meets your current and future requirements. Invest in your future profits and success with a well-planned shop! 

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