Fluid Management: Keep Track Of All Your Dispenses

Posted By: MichelleEdwards | Posted on September 8, 2020

Using a meter to dispense bulk automotive fluids is fast, convenient, and efficient for shops servicing large numbers of vehicles daily. The downside of this method is that it’s difficult to track for the exact amount you’re using; add that to fluids that are spilled, misplaced, or simply not accounted for –and your shop could be losing thousands of dollars a year due to fluid loss.

Graco, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fluid management products has released Pulse Pro, an advanced system for tracking and managing fluids. The Pulse Pro is a wireless system that doesn’t require any additional software installations. The wireless hub communicates with the equipment around your shop, providing real-time fluid level monitoring and low-fluid alerts.

In addition to monitoring fluids, the Pulse Pro also allows you to dispense precise, preauthorized volumes of automotive fluids. Your technician just has to select the work order at the meter. Pulse Pro uses a pump air controller that can only work when activated by the system, allowing you to accurately regulate the amount of fluid dispensed and eliminate the risk of spills. Not only does this ensure more accurate billing and inventory control, but it also greatly minimizes dispensing errors.

Graco’s Pulse Pro

Every dispense or action in the system is monitored and recorded. You can see what type of fluid is used, how much, where it’s used, when it’s dispensed, and who’s performing the work. This increases transparency for your shop, as well as accountability. Additionally, since fluids are tracked and recorded instantly, your technicians can spend more time in the service bay. Other key features of the Pulse Pro system include:

  • Compatibility with petroleum and synthetic oils (including automatic transmission fluid and gear lube), anti-freeze, and windshield wash solvent
  • Integrated inventory monitoring and refill scheduling to minimize delays
  • Dispenses are paired directly to work orders for accurate billing
  • Expandable – seamlessly add new components as your demands grow
  • The ability to capture critical analytics
  • Automated customizable reports
  • Seamless integration with common DMS providers like Reynolds & Reynolds®, CDK Global®, AssetWorks, Procede Software, Dealertrack, and PBS Systems

Graco’s Pulse Pro fluid management system simplifies your operations, improves inventory control, and ultimately helps to maximize your shop’s profitability. The ability to track dispense records and efficiencies also allows you to make the most informed decisions possible.

For more information about the Pulse Pro system, contact Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. at 1-800-48-EDWARDS (1-800-483-3927) or email us at info@eandsinc.com.

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