Automotive Lift Inspections

Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. has (3) ALI Certified automotive lift inspectors providing reliable safety inspections for lifts from every manufacturer. Our inspections are detailed, well-documented, and fully comply with OSHA standards.

Automotive Lift Inspections

Automotive lift inspections are recommended annually or bi-annually depending on your usage; all car lifts must be certified according to the manufacturer’s standards.

ALI Certified Lift Inspections

Inspections are crucial to protecting the safety of your customers and employees, as well as keeping liability insurance rates low and meeting OSHA requirements. In addition to ALI inspectionslifts should receive regular preventive maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Car lift maintenance helps you avoid costly breakdowns and downtime while putting you in control of repairs and cost flexibility. 

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In addition to automotive lift maintenance, proper lift usage training is highly recommended; all training records should be housed near each lift. If you need training for any of your employees or help creating new forms or procedures, our automotive lift inspector can assist you.

Our ALI certified automotive lift inspectors will work with you throughout the entire inspection process to determine an inspection schedule that will cause the least amount of disruption to your operations. All parts of your lift will be thoroughly inspected and documented; we will provide pass/fail stickers for your equipment. We will also provide a quote for any repairs required to get your lift to pass the inspection. Each individual lift will be certified once all requirements and safety measures are met.

What is the Inspector Looking for During My Certified Lift Inspection?

During your car lift inspection, our ALI inspector will check the lift to make sure all the components are working properly, and most importantly, that your lift is safe. The inspector will:

  • Confirm there is adequate clearance around the lift
  • Examine all the accessible structural components, the electrical components, and wiring 
  • Examine the welds for signs of overloading or misuse
  • Check for the proper lift documentation, safety instructions, vehicle-lifting information, lift capacity labeling, and lift-safety labeling
  • Operate the lift through its full cycle and check the operation of the positive stop
  • Check to see if the lift locks engage in the fully extended position
  • Check the lowering speed
  • Ensure the lift controls are accessible and functioning correctly
  • Check all fastening devices to ensure they’re tight and fit properly
  • Check all lubrication points for proper lubrication, cleanliness, and integrity of the fittings
  • Check chains and cables for excessive slack
  • Check potential pinch points
Car Repair Garage with Auto lift and car

This is an example of a standard lift inspection; depending on the manufacturer’s directions, additional areas of your automotive lift may be inspected. To schedule your car lift service or inspection, contact us at 1-800-48-EDWARDS (1-800-483-3927) or send us an email at [email protected].