Brake Lathe

When you’re searching for a quality brake lathe for your automotive shop, contact Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. We offer a wide range of essential automotive equipment for car enthusiasts, independent automotive shops, and large dealerships. In addition to sales, we’re a Rotary authorized installer and distributor offering equipment servicing, ALI-certified lift inspections, and automotive shop project management. If your shop is looking for a brake lathe for sale, contact us today at 1-800-EDWARDS (1-800-483-3927) or email us at [email protected].

A brake lathe is an efficient tool for curing noise and vibration problems, as well as prolonging the life of brake systems. They correct the thickness variations on the rotor caused by chronic, uneven contact on the brake pad or from rust on the rotor surface. Both of these flaws are responsible for general, unspecific brake complaints. We offer two different models of Hofmann brake lathes for sale:

  • 201 TrueCut – The Hofmann 201 is a single-speed combination bench brake lathe that’s suitable for general repairs. It comes equipped with a standard tooling package that allows you to resurface the rotors of most passenger vehicles and light trucks. Additional tooling is available for specialty and heavy-duty applications. Features include simple “one-cut” finishing, fast changeover from the disc cutter to drum cutter, and heavy-duty construction.
  • 401 TrueCut The Hofmann 401 is a professional combination bench brake lathe designed with high volume resurfacing needs in mind. Like the 201, its standard tooling package is suitable for most passenger cars and light trucks, with optional tooling available for specialty and heavy-duty applications. The 401 includes all the features of the 201, as well as:
      • Brake LatheFour arbor speeds and precision carriage speed control
      • An innovative design and tooling that can be adapted to your existing and future machining needs
      • Automatic tool carriage shut-off
      • The drive shaft and arbor are supported by extra-large tapered roller bearings – no bushings or old-fashioned sleeves to wear out
      • Adjustable work light
      • Optional add-ons – heavy-duty bench and a backboard for additional tool storage

We also offer brake disc balancing machines, wheel balancers, lube and air equipment, automotive lifts, and more. For quality equipment and reliable service, contact Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. today.