We are announcing some very exciting and very important changes to your annual lift inspection process.  Effective 2013 ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) is improving the industry standards for all automotive lift inspections.  ALI has been working extensively with OSHA over the past year.  The inspection process has been streamlined and detailed to cover all safety measures.   This new industry standard is going to save customers time, money and, most importantly, safety concerns.  A few things you need to know about how the process will affect you and your employees;

1)      Lift inspections will be very detailed and will cover areas not previously included in today‚Äôs inspection process.  Each individual lift will be certified once all requirements and safety measures are met. A service manager, or appointed representative, will be required to sign EACH inspection sheet and ask any pertinent questions/concerns at that time.

2)      Proper training and training records will be documented by your facility and housed near each lift.  Edwards and Sons can help you train your employees and create these new forms & procedures.

3)      ALI and OSHA highly recommend using only ALI certified companies to inspect your lifts.  Edwards & Sons has spent extensive time and money over the past few months to obtain this critical certification.  We are proud to be ALI Certified Inspectors.

4)      Lifts MUST be certified per manufacturer instructions.  Industry standards suggest that lifts be inspected on an annual basis or bi-annually depending on usage.

Edwards & Sons is in the process of updating our inspection forms, procedures and pricing for this exciting change.  We will be in touch with more detail shortly.  If you have any questions about this upcoming change, please feel free to call us directly.   Thank you for your time and patience as we team with ALI to roll out this new process.


Protect your customers, your employees and your insurance rates with annual safety inspections. Preventive maintenance is an important part of making your automotive equipment last a very long time. In addition, OSHA requires automotive lift certification for all vehicle lifts/hoists on a regular basis.

Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment Inc. has a certified team dedicated to the inspection process. This process includes managing customer schedules for bi-annual or annual inspections from beginning to end. Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment Inc. will work with you to set compatible inspection schedules, we will thoroughly inspect and document each and every part of your lift. Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment Inc. will provide pass & fail stickers for your equipment as needed.

Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment Inc. will provide your company with a quote for any repairs needed to your automotive lift. We will then make the proper arrangements to repair the automotive lift accordingly and tag it with passing approval. We offer quantity discounts for multiple lifts.