Rotary’s New SPOA10-AV Lift

The Electric Vehicle Lift Has Arrived – Introducing the Rotary SPOA10 Lift with All-Vehicle Arms for EV

The automotive landscape is rapidly shifting from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles—is your shop prepared?

The majority of lifts built before 2019 are designed with swing arms and adapters for internal combustion engines. This poses unique challenges when lifting and servicing electric vehicles (EVs) due to the difference in weight distribution, location of the battery, low ground clearance, and in some cases, manufacturer-specific lifting requirements. These issues are even more significant considering that an estimated two-thirds of all new vehicles on the road will be electric by 2032. 

To address these challenges and get your shop ready for the future, Rotary has introduced a new, innovative solution: the Rotary SPOA10 Lift with All-Vehicle (AV) Arms. 

A Versatile Lifting Solution

Rotary’s AV arms provide an impressive 20% larger reach range by shortening the minimum reach length on the front arms to 2 5/8″ and on the rear arms to 7 ¼”. This feature dramatically enhances the SPOA10 lift’s capabilities, making it exceptionally well-suited for servicing a wide variety of vehicles weighing up to 10,000 lbs., including:

  • Battery Electric: The shorter retracted arm minimum reach makes it easier to access the specific pickup points of electric vehicles and allows clearance for the removal of battery packs.
  • Exotic Low Profile: Rotary’s AV arms have the industry’s lowest minimum adapter height of only 3 3/8″, making them ideal for vehicles with low ground clearance.
  • Truck Frame: With ample maximum arm reach, these arms are well-suited for lifting trucks and other frame vehicles.
  • Unibody Cars & SUVs: The shorter retracted arm minimum reach makes it easier to position or align the lift with unibody cars and SUVs, which often feature pickup points on the vehicle’s exterior.

Rotary’s SPOA10 All-Vehicle lifts are ALI Gold Label Certified and comply with the ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 automotive lift standard.

Streamlined Product Offerings and Convenient Upgrades

The introduction of SPOA10 AV lifts simplifies the Rotary product lineup by effectively replacing the SPOA10 TRIO and SPOA7 LPA low-profile lifts. 

All necessary adapters come standard with the SPOA10 AV lifts, including truck adapters, round adapters, and adapter extensions, along with convenient storage brackets. However, depending on your needs, you may still need additional adapters for specialized vehicles or service requirements. For expert advice and solutions tailored to your unique vehicle lifting and servicing needs, please reach out to our team. 

If you’d like to upgrade your existing SPOA10 lifts with All-Vehicle Arms, retrofit kits are available for lifts manufactured after May 2014 (including seismic lifts manufactured from 2017 onwards). 

Stay Competitive and Ahead of the Curve

Whether you’re a new car dealership racing to meet certification requirements or an independent repair shop preparing for the electric future, Rotary’s SPOA10 Lift with All-Vehicle Arms offers the ideal solution for tackling EV-related challenges. 

For more information or to request a quote, contact Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. As a Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI), distributor, and Red Oval Partner, we’re ready to help you find the equipment for your needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the evolving automotive industry—call us today at 1-800-48-EDWARDS (483-3927) or email us at [email protected]